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REACH Program

Respond Empower Act for Community Health (Reach Every Home)


NIH- NCI-RTI International (USA) Research Project M-OncoEd

“Oncology Education and Training for Providers Using Mobile Phones” Snehita International Collaborative Project .. Grant awarded by NIH through Fogatry International and National Cancer Institute Washington DC,USA

Launch of REACH

Snehita Women’s Health Foundation has launched the outreach program REACH.
- Respond l Empower l Act For Community Health and thus Reach Every Home.
REACH Program is envisioned to initiate genuine dialogue that propagate accurate and correct information which helps the needy to receive right guidance and appropriate medical services. Snehitas will be provided training programs by eminent doctors on Cancer, Reproductive Health and Life Style Diseases which in turn each dedicated Snehita creates an optimistic environment by providing guidance to the health needs of individuals in their vicinity.
Snehita launched the REACH Program on 18 February ’18. It was indeed a great start for Snehita’s new initiative. The participation was overwhelming.
Program Details
Inaguartion by : Dr Jancy James
Breast Cancer   - Dr. Paul Augustine, Additional Professor, Oncology Surgeon, RCC, Trivandrum
Heart Diseases - Dr. Anoop Lal, Director, Centre for Preventive Health.

M-Onco ED

Snehita Women’s Health Foundation proudly announces its partnership with RTI International and National Institute of Health, USA for the development, evaluation and implementation of a mobile phone based oncology education platform for doctors in low and middle income countries, the initial phase of which is in Kerala.Dr.Regi Jose Medical Director of Snehita is the Lead Principal Investigator from India.Other partners include World Health Organization-IARC, Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Gokulam Medical College,Govt.Medical College Thiruvananthapuram, Government of Kerala Health Services, Indian Medical Association, and Studio Medica .