REACH 2019
Respond Empower & Act for Community Health

Do you want to be an active and passionate participant in improving community health?

…… This is your chance! …………….

Be a part of REACH 2019 to understand how we can make a difference, together.

Breast Cancer! Every one thinks that they have heard and read enough.But in this era of information overload and social media, half baked knowledge is the norm and truth may be buried knowingly or unknowingly.
Our focus this time is on Breast Cancer, and our goal is to shed light on everything related to it. Our team is led by the esteemed Dr. Paul Augustine, Head, Division of Surgical Oncology at RCC. The team will explain everything you need to know about breast cancer, early detection and treatment.
This is an excellent opportunity for you to get authentic information, right from the expert.

As a volunteer, you would be:

  1. Posting about the day-long interactive workshop on breast cancer and Snehita’s role in improving awareness in the community
  2. To provide affordable screening services to all women.
  3. Meeting the women in your community and understanding their health needs
  4. Creating community sisterhoods and staying in touch
  5. Providing clarification where you can, and referring people to professionals where appropriate
  6. Identifying and registering prospective Snehitas as early as possible.
Registrations begin from 5th May 2019 For more information

Call/Whatsapp at
    9497467798 (Beena G Dharan) or
    6282 533 233 (Ambika Kodoth)

Venue: Nandanam Park Hotel, Trivandrum

Date: 19thMay 2019, 9 AM to 5 PM

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