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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Programmes 2021

  • Oct 2021

Snehita Women's Health Foundation in association with National Service Scheme with the support of APJ AbdulKalamTechnical University (KTU) organizes a webinar series on Breast Cancer in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021 for Students and their family membersCommunity Programmes are also included in between.

02/10/21 Saturday: State Level Inauguration and Webinar for Community Leaders
03/10/21 Sunday: Alappuzha Kottayam Idukki: Mahaguru Institute of Technology
09/10/21 Saturday: Kollam/Pathanamthitta: College of Engineering, Kallooppara
10/10/21 Sunday: Ernakulam: ICET Muvattupuzha
16/10/21 Saturday: Thiruvananthapuram: Heera College
17/10/21 Sunday: Thrissur/ Palakkad: NSS Collge of Engineering
18/10/21 Saturday: North Zone Cont’d
02/10/2021 Saturday: State Level Inauguration and Webinar for Community Leaders

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020 Webinar series In association with National Service Scheme Kerala

  • Oct 2020

Breast Cancer "Catch "em young!"
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease and motivate women to take action for early detection. While most people think that they are aware of breast cancer, the gaps in knowledge can lead on to unexpected damages Many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.
Snehita Women's Health Foundation in association with National Service Scheme with the support of APJ AbdulKalamTechnical University (KTU) organized a webinar series on Breast Cancer in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020 for Students and their family members. More than 2000 students actively participated in the programme.
We are honored to have Dr.Paul Augustine Head, Division of Surgical Oncology, Regional Cancer Center Thiruvananthapuram as the Expert speaker directly interacting with the students in all these sessions.
All these Webinars were made available to the general public through facebook and youtube To Know more about the Breast Cancer and what women needs do.
Please follow the links #snehitabreastcancerawareness #Pinkoctoberchallenge #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #snehitawomenshealthfoundation

Webinar1: 03/10/2020
Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and Science(MBITS) Kothamangalam

Webinar 2: 10/10/2020
NSS North Region

Webinar3: 11/10/2020
IES College of Engineering Thrissur
Inaugural Session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf5nW3n5SHc
Scientific Session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ExLphb_Z7c&t=233s

Webinar4: 17/10/2020
College of Engineering Cherthala

Webinar 5: 18/10/2020
College of Engineeering Pathanapuram

Webinar 6: 24/10/2020
Marian Engineering College Thiruvananthapuram

Webinar 7: 31/10/2020
SN College Varkala

Webinar 8: 31/10/2020
Kerala University

Breast Cancer Awareness Programme - Digital Meet

  • Oct 16, 2020, 06:30 PM

We believe in the power of community and strongly believe that we can conquer this together; by being enlightened and in turn being the guiding light for our community!

This October, the annual Breast Cancer Awareness month, our NGO, Snehita Women’s Health Foundation joins hands with Bare Essentials to enhance the health of women in our community through awareness and timely guidance.

Come join us on October 16th, the Breast Cancer Awareness day for 2020 to listen to Dr. Paul Augustine, Head – Division of Surgical Oncology of Surgical Oncology, Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, talk about the importance of awareness, methods of early detection, proper treatment and follow up.

Please register below for the session on Zoom @ 6:30 PM IST on 16th of October 2020:


Team Snehita

Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

  • October 27, 2018

The community awareness on breast cancer and clinical examination was done for Mar Gregarious Orthodox Students Centre on October 27, 2018. As usual our camps were inaugurated and started by 9:00 am. We witnessed a good crowd around 100 people who came in to hear the community awareness session taken by Dr Regi Jose, Medical Director, and Snehita Women’s health foundation.

Dr Regi Jose took a different mode of approach in getting the breast awareness message sent out to the community. Couple of questions was posted to the audience like how is breast cancer detected and which all food contain more fiber content. The class also reiterated the importance of early detection and also emphasized that breast, cervical, oral and colorectal cancer which can be found out in its early stage. Team of 4 doctors along with 12 volunteers patiently listened to 54 women who for CBE. Importance of self-breast awareness and regular follows up were also imparted

Team Snehita

UST Global

  • October 22 & 23, 2018

As part of International Breast cancer awareness month, Snehita Women’s health foundation was invited by UST global to do a clinical breast examination for their women community. We were able to cater around 100 women at their campus. Unlike other camps, we got to meet more women between the age group of 21 – 30, In that some were lactating mothers. For younger groups more focus was given for self-breast awareness. CBE along with the importance of follow up was emphasized. Team Snehita led by 3 doctors and 7 volunteers attended the large crowd. The crowd was happy with service and a good feedback was provided by the UST team.

Team Snehita

Vayalikada Residents Welfare Association

  • Sunday,14th october 2018

The 3rd consecutive Pinktober Breast Cancer Early Detection and Awareness camp of 'Snehita Women's Health Foundation ‘was held on 14.10.2018 at Vayallikada, Vattiyoorkavu;a residential locality in Thiruvananthapuram.
More than 100 people attended the cancer awareness session.65 women in Age group 25 -65 registered and underwent Clinical Breast Examination. A team of 4 Doctors and 12 well trained Snehita health volunteers worked round the clock from 9am to 3 pm .They attended each one with patience and advised and guided them for doing self-breast examination and for regular follow ups . Women from all walks of life came to the camp with a 'bag full of worries’ suspecting the worst about each and every lump they could feel. The sigh of relief was obvious when they returned with assurance from the camp that all that lumps up is not Cancer. "90 to 95 % of Breast lumps are not cancer, says Dr.Regi Jose, Medical Director, Snehita. "Only a good experienced clinician will be able to detect the 'marble' from the bag of rice. So make sure that you approach the right person at the right time".
There is a false notion that "Mammogram’’ is complete, accurate and the only tool available for Breast Cancer detection. It is mainly to be used as a diagnostic aid .It might show some false negatives (missing cancers which could have been detected by CBE) and false positives raising false alarms. In wrong hands this might lead to a host of unnecessary treatments too. So a Mammogram if advised should always be preceded and followed by a clinical breast examination by a 'specialised' Doctor. Women aged 50 onwards may take a baseline Mammogram on the Doctor's advice. Among women Incidence of Breast Cancer rate is @ 30 %( of all female cancers) in Kerala. Incidence of Cervix Cancer which was predominant earlier has now been reduced to less than 10% due to the elaborate screening and better hygiene over the years Breast Cancer has now become the most dreaded disease in Women. Realising the importance of early detection Snehita steps in as a good friend offering free Clinical Breast Examination at their clinic and conducting awareness and detection camps among the public.
Public has a wrong notion that executive check-ups or blood tests can detect all Cancers while the fact is that Cancer has a separate set of diagnostic tools; the most important being clinical examination by an expert...and in case of suspicion to ask for investigations like Mammogram, Colonoscopy etc. It should also be remembered that an early detection is worthwhile and advocated only for Breast, Oral, Cervical and Colo Rectal Cancers. Healthy food rich in dietary fibre, exercise habits, Breast feeding can help to prevent cancers
Team Snehita

Puthiyathura Camp

  • Saturday,13th Sat 2018

As part of Snehita's Breast Cancer awareness activities a Breast Cancer screening and awareness camp was held on 13.10.2018 at Puthiyathura , a coastal Hamlet in Thiruvananthapuram.. This is the second camp conducted by Snehita in October, the month of Breast Cancer Awareness..
A panel of 3 Doctors and 15 well trained Snehita volunteers screened around 50 women who attended the camp..Two were detected to have suspicious lesions and were advised for immediate clinical follow up.. Instructions were given on doing self breast examination and regular periodical check ups at health clinics.Doctors and volunteers patiently listened to the health related problems of the public and offered solutions..
The camp started at 9.30AM with an awareness session by Dr.Reji Jose , Medical Director , Snehita .She said that one of the reasons for increase in incidence of Breast Cancer mortality is that Women are not aware of how to safeguard their Breasts. Self breast examination and periodic clinical breast screening are two cost effective methods to reduce incidence of Breast cancer mortality .Snehita steps in as a helping hand in this regard ..By offering quality clinical breast screening service and conducting screening camps Snehita educates the public and helps them reach the right hands at the right time..
After the awareness session screening camp started and functioned until 2.30 pm..
Team Snehita

REACH - Snehita Program.

  • Sunday,18th February 2018

*Respond* to the Showers of Blessings we had..
Opportunity to give back to the Society..
Find time to add to your knowledge and clarify circulating myths..
Spare some time for fellow beings..
Wipe someone's tears.. .

International Women’s Health Day and Snehita Foundation Day

  • 28th of May, 2017

We are glad to announce the commemoration of International Women’s Health Day and celebration of Snehita Foundation Day on the 28th of May, 2017 between 2.30 and 5.30 pm at YMCA Hall, Trivandrum. It is our greatest joy to invite all friends and well-wishers to the event to make it a huge success.