Early Detection Clinic

Clinics are conducted by Snehita on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings to make the consultation convenient for both working women and home makers. Prior appointment adds to convenience and proper care is ensured for each individual.

  1. Breast Cancer Clinical Examination - Schedule Appointment

  2. Life Style Diseases

  3. Oral/Dental Health

Early Detection Camps

Early Detection camps are conducted on Weekends and Holidays which could be requested through website/E mail. Local arrangements are to made by the requesting team, who should ensure privacy and adequate number of examination cubicles according to the requirement.

Breast Cancer Screening is our core service. Please Click Here to know more.

Awareness Sessions

One to two hour Awareness sessions on Women’s Health Issues are conducted on request.

Community Research Initiatives

  1. REACH Program

    Respond Empower Act for Community Health (Reach Every Home)

    aimed at Fostering conversation and creating communities for women by creating Empowered Health Volunteers (Snehitas) in every community who would listen to women’s health issues and provide appropriate support and guidance. Goal is to have a trained Snehita as first point of contact everywhere including workplaces.

  2. SHARE Program

    Support,Hope& Awareness for ReEmergence (Arise and shine) by Snehitas especially Cancer Survivors and care givers for newly diagnosed Cancer patients

    by Snehitas especially Cancer Survivors and care givers for Cancer patients
    Snehita cushions the friction of families encountering the disease by being instrumental for life transformation by providing guidance and direction to the patient to cope up with the reality and act for the next best.The right conversation with the families and friends would alleviate the fears and concerns about cancer and its treatment.This would help caregivers to take good care of the patient with empathy and boost their morale to come back to life.

  3. FACT Project

    Fight Against Cancer in Thiruvananthapuram (FACT project)
    (Ensuring continuous care)
    A follow up of ladies who underwent baseline screening through the breast cancer screening and awareness programmes conducted since 2015. An open cohort with more than 15000 women in the follow up.