Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention (APJCP)

Design and Process of Implementation Mobile Application Based Modular Training on Early Detection of Cancers (M-OncoEd) for Primary Care Physicians in India

Early detection of curable cancers is a cost-effective[...]
The Oncologist

Acceptability, Utility, and Cost of a Mobile Health Cancer Screening Education Application for Training Primary Care Physicians in India

Key Words. Early detection of cancer • Mobile applications • Uterine cervical neoplasms • Breast neoplasms • Feasibility studies

Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology

Nipple Areola Complex Involvement in Invasive Carcinoma Breast

A variety of factors including tumor biology and distance of the tumor from the nipple have been associated with nipple areola complex involvement in patients with breast cancer. Preoperative understanding[...]

JCO Global Oncology

Clinical Breast Examination Campaign: Experience from Thiruvananthapuram, South India

Background and context: Thiruvananthapuram has the highest breast cancer incidence in India and majority of cases are detected late pointing to the inefficiency of early detection programs.[...]

JCO Global Oncology

Prevalence of Known Risk Factors of Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Screening Practices Among Women in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Background: Breast cancer rates are rising both in the developed and the developing world, probably due to increase in life expectancy, increasing urbanization and adoption of western lifestyles[...]

National Journal of Research in Community Medicine

Breast Cancer Risk and Screening practices among Health care workers in a tertiary care centre, Trivandrum, South India

Background: Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women all over the world. Incidence rates are high in Kerala; southernmost state of India. [...]

Academic Medical Journal of India

Usefulness of Gail Model Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool in Estimating the Risk for Development of Breast Cancer in Women of Kerala India

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among females in the state of Kerala, India. Gail et al. model is considered as a good tool to estimate woman’s risk of developing breast cancer [...]

Article in Press

Evaluation of non communicable disease control pilot programme of National Rural Health Mission in Thiruvananthapuram district

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have emerged as a major public health challenge in India and more so in Kerala. Realizing this, NRHM conducted a pilot intervention programme in Neyyattinkara Taluk of Thiruvananthapuram district through the existing health system. A process evaluation of the pilot programme can bring out unbiased gaps in the implementation and necessary modification can be suggested.[...]


'Do not wait for a lump to appear'

breast lump is detected in up to 15% of cases where the mammo-gram is reported as normal; on Clinical Breast Examination by an expert. Herein lies the importance of a proper physical examination. It is to be noted that detection at an early stage alone doesn't guarantee cure.[...]


Usefulness of Gail model Breast cancer Risk assessment tool in estimating the risk for development of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among females in the state of Kerala,India.Gail et al. model is considered the best available means for estimating an individual woman's risk of developing breast cancer.[...]

International Surgery Journal

Empowering the community for early detection of cancer

Cancer is an emerging health problem in India. Breast, cervical and oral cancers are curable provided they are detected at an early stage. The best way to fight cancer is early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. [...]

A case control study

Reproductive factors and breast cancer risk

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among the women of Kerala, Oestrogen exposure to breast has been explained as the association of Reproductive factors as risk factors for breast cancer.[...]

Preventive and Therapeutic Medicine


The mention of cancer still send chills down the spine of most people. This happens because it is deemed to be a death sentence. Globally, there were an estimated 14.1million new cases and 8.2 million deaths from cancer in 2012 and as a single entity, the biggest cause of mortality(1). Cancer cases worldwide are forecast to rise by 75% and reach close to 25 million over[...]

Publications for Snehita

Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening: A New Approach

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among the women of India and Kerala. Around 5000 cases of breast cancer occur in Kerala yearly, and a third of these patients are treated at the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram[...]

Original Research Article

The Effectiveness of Early Clinical Exposure and e-Learning in Teaching Anatomy

The primary objective of this study was to determine if Early Clinical Exposure (ECE) and E-learning can be effective alternative methods of teaching anatomy for the first-year medical students. Secondary objectives were to [...]

Academic Medical Journal of India

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer in Kerala, India - A Case Control Study

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women in Kerala state of India. This study tried to determine the strength of association of known risk factors of Breast Cancer among women in Kerala. An unmatched Case control study was conducted at Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, among 660 newly detected breast cancer patients admitted for surgery during 2003-2004 and 920 controls selected from the hospital and community.[...]